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What does Sitly cost?

Registration is free and without commitment. You can also read and answer messages for free. Did you find a great babysitter and do you want to contact her first? Then you can get a premium subscription.

The fees are:

1 month: RM 59

3 months: RM 117 (RM 39 per month)

Your Premium membership will be automatically extended at the end of the membership, with the same period as the initial period you chose. You can cancel your membership at any time.

How do I find a babysitter online?

It is important to think about what kind of babysitter you’re looking for, first. Therefore, make a wishlist and a character sketch. With this character sketch, you can search a babysitter on an online platform. With most babysitting platforms, you’ll do the screening yourself. So make sure to plan an interview and ask for references. Did you find a nice babysitter? Then you can set up a trial period.

How do I plan an interview with my new sitter?

Before the interview, ask for references and experience of your new babysitters. You’ll have the possibility to call other parents to see what they think about the babysitter. Ask the questions that you find important and see if the sitter and your kids are a good match.

What questions do I ask during an interview?

What you want to know about your new babysitter is very personal. You will see that you find different things important than other parents. But it is always good to talk about her experience, motivation, availability and babysitting rate. Also, trust your instincts to see if the babysitter feels right. 

What does a babysitter cost?

The babysitting rate is very dependent on a lot of different factors, like age, experience, number of kids to babysit, and region where the babysitter lives. It is always good to check the minimum wages and go from there. 


What does Sitly cost?

Registration is free and without commitment. You can also read and answer messages for free. Did you find a great family to babysit for and do you want to contact them first? Then you can get a premium subscription.

The fees are:

1 month: RM 39

3 months: RM 69 (RM 23 per month)

Your Premium membership will be automatically extended at the end of the membership, with the same period as the initial period you chose. You can cancel your membership at any time.

What do I earn with babysitting?

What you can earn with babysitting is depending on your age, experience, how many kids you’re babysitting and where you live. There is no fixed babysitting rate per age. It’s always best to start with the minimum wage and go from there. 

Do I have to send you my CV?

No. You can place the information you want to share with parents, directly in your profile.

How do I start with babysitting?

If you don’t have much experience yet, you’ll have to put in extra work to find a job. Parents like experienced babysitters. You can ask parents if you can help out with their kids when the parents are in the house, ask if you can babysit your younger siblings, nieces or nephews or the kids next door. This all will grow your experience and it will increase your chances to find a nice babysitting job.

How do I find work as a babysitter, quickly?

If you're looking for a babysitting job online, make sure your profile is looking perfect. Tell the families who you are, what you're looking for, why you like babysitting and when you’re available. Also, add a nice photo as your profile picture. 

How do I prepare for an interview with a new family?

Preparation is the key: there is a lot of general information most parents will ask you. For example, they will ask you to tell them about yourself, why you like babysitting so much, or they will ask you about your experience. These are questions you can prepare at home. 

About Sitly

What is Sitly?

With Sitly, you can find a babysitter or family to babysit for in your area. You can easily contact them, plan an interview and make further arrangements. It’s up to you to decide what kind of babysitter or family is best for you, so you can make your own decisions about who to contact.

Does registration mean any kind of commitment?

No. Registration is without obligations, free and without any kind of commitment. You can choose for yourself if you want to agree to an interview with parents or babysitters in your area. Arranging a babysitter or family is completely up to you.

Are parents and babysitters screened by Sitly?

You should look at Sitly as an online marketplace. Everyone can register or send messages. We don’t screen people beforehand, but of course we do check regularly if someone places inappropriate texts. It is up to parents and babysitters to make a selection of what they look for at Sitly. We do advise to carefully work on that selection, for example, to ask for references and plan an interview. This way, you’ll get the best picture of a potential babysitter or family.

How does the Sitly app work?

Through the app, you can register, create a profile and search for your ideal babysitter or perfect family in your area. The app is very user-friendly and offers more features than the regular desktop version. You can download the app through Google Play Store or via the Apple Store. 

My account

How do I contact someone?

You can talk to somebody by going to their profile and click on “Send message”. You’ll have to subscribe to a premium membership, first. As soon as you’ve sent the message, we will email that person and send a push notification through the Sitly app. The people to whom you’re sending a message can answer these for free. We will never share your personal data like address, email or phone number with other Sitly users. It is up to you to decide if you want to share those details.

How can others get in touch with me?

Others can contact you when they have a premium subscription. When someone sends you a message through Sitly, you’ll receive an email notification about it, or a push message through the app. You can always respond to messages for free.

How do I change my password?

Log in, go to your profile and click at Account settings. You’ll see a link saying “Change password”. There, you can instantly change your password.

I requested a new password but I don't receive an email. Now what?

If you request a new password, you’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password. If it’s not in your inbox, check your spam folder. Didn’t receive any mail? Then please contact our support team.

How can I change my address?

Go to "Profile". Below your availability you can find your current address and change it to your new one. 

I don't want to receive weekly emails. How do I stop them?

Go to "Profile" and "Account settings" to change your email settings. You can set the "Updates about new matches" to "Never", and you won't receive the weekly emails anymore.

How can I end my premium membership?

You can stop your premium subscription by logging in, going to your profile and clicking “Account settings”. There, you’ll find a link “Cancel subscription”.

When you've subscribed through Apple's iTunes, you also have to unsubscribe through your iTunes account. Apple works as an intermediary for payments between Sitly and her users. You can find the instructions on how to unsubscribe from any Apple subscription here:


Please note: Deinstalling the app, or hiding or removing your account doesn't automatically cancel your subscription! Apple only allows you to cancel your subscription through iTunes. if you are using Android, you can cancel your account in your account settings on Sitly.

Your Premium membership will be automatically extended at the end of the membership, with the same period as the initial period you chose. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Can I switch my profile to babysitter or parent?

Unfortunately, that’s technically not possible. The best thing to do is to remove your “old” profile first, and then register again as a parent or babysitter.

Can I cancel my account at Sitly?

Go to “Profile” and go to your “Account Settings.” If you temporarily don’t need childcare, or if you’ve already found work, you can hide your profile until the next time you log in. Your profile won’t be visible to other parents, babysitters or childminders. But if you need a babysitter or a job in the future, you haven’t lost all your details which you would, if you were to delete your account.


Is my personal data visible for others?

As a babysitter or childminder, only your first name, photo and age are visible for other users. As a parent, only your first name, photo and number of kids with their ages are displayed. Also, we will show your approximate location on a map, so that parents and babysitters can see how close or far you live from them. Your exact location is not visible. Your address will be hidden and is not visible for other Sitly users.

Is my personal data safely saved?

We find it of the utmost importance to protect your personal data. That is why we protected our website with a so-called SSL-certificate. This certificate encrypts information that’s being send back and forth. You can see that the website is procted by the little lock in your browser.

For what purpose do you use my address?

Your address will be used to show other registered users approximately where you live approximately, by placing an icon on the map of your area. This way, parents, babysitters or childminders can see that you live in the neigborhood, and approach you through Sitly. We will never reveal your street name or house number, nor will we ever share your address with third parties.

Is Sitly safe?

Sitly is an online market place where parents and babysitters in the same area can find each other. You can more or less see where they live. When you meet a babysitter, you plan an interview and check their references, like you would when you'd find a babysitter through family or friends. In fact, it is just an expansion of your horizon: you'll see babysitters in the area that you didn't know before, but who might just live a few 100 meters away.

What does Sitly do about safety? We have manual checkups to see nothing is out of the ordinary and alerts on our platform that notify us if something other than usual is happening. We provide a secured environment in which you can send messages, and we give babysitters the opportunity to upload their references. We take all notions and messages about safety very seriously. So, do you have a question regarding safety on our platform, or did you receive a message that you think is not appropriate? Then please contact our support team at info@sitly.co

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