Health and safety of families and babysitters

We hope you and your family are doing well. These are hard times for everyone, with regards to health and family, but also when it comes to work and finances. We realize Sitly can be of great help to you, but it is of great importance to take these safety measures into account:

It’s the task of both parents ánd babysitter to determine if it’s safe enough to schedule a babysitting session or meet up for an interview.

This all comes down to open communication about the health status of everyone involved: the babysitter, the parents, the children, but also the people that you have been in close contact with.

Babysitting sessions and interviews should not take place if:

- One of you has been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

- One of you has traveled to a high-risk area in the last 14 days. High risk areas can be identified by taking a look at this map.

We recommend the following steps, for all people involved, when you decide to meet up:

- Talk to each other about your health status, any traveling in the past weeks, and exposure to large groups or events in the last 14 days.

- Take your temperature just before the session / interviews starts, or on arrival.

- Wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap on arrival, and regularly during the babysitting session.

If any of the warning signs apply to you, it’s likely that you will need to isolate yourself to prevent further spread of the virus. Please refer to the WHO website and your own government’s coronavirus information (see the list below).

Stay healthy and safe!

~ Team Sitly